Google在2013年Google I/O 开发者大会上推出了跨平台的聊天应用 Hangouts,产品名称沿袭了Google+视频聊天功能的名字(Hangouts),新应用整合了包括Google Talk以及原有的视频聊天服务在内的产品等功能,支持文字、图片和视频聊天等,主打群聊(据说目前最多支持 10 人)。目前Hangouts iOS 版只有在美国应用商店有下载。

Google Hangouts

不过根据国外开发者 moobirubi 在 HN 上提交的信息,Hangouts 不支持XMPP。moobirubi 还贴出了Google App Engine 团队的答复。GAE 的答复中也提供了有两种方法,可以让开发者的 App Engine XMPP 服务继续支持终端用户。

“Hello from Google!

You are the administrator for one or more Google App Engine applications that may be impacted by an upcoming new product release. Google will be releasing a new communications product called Hangouts which users may choose to use instead of Google Talk. The new service does not support XMPP (新服务不支持 XMPP).

As a result XMPP bots such as the App Engine XMPP service will not be able to communicate with users who adopt the new service. There are two ways to keep your App Engine XMPP service working for end users:

1) Your users may use any chat client that supports XMPP. XMPP clients will continue to work as usual with the App Engine XMPP service.

2) End users will be asked to opt-into the new service when it goes live. Note that the go-live date may vary for Google Apps domains. End users and google app domain administrators may choose not to opt into the new system. If they do not opt in they will remain on the current Talk client and there will be no change to their existing functionality, including being able to exchange messages with App Engine XMPP bots. Users who already opted in may toggle back to the old XMPP based chat clients in Gmail.

Note that the changes discussed above have no impact on non-Google XMPP clients, which will continue to work as usual with the App Engine XMPP service.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us at


The Google App Engine Team”





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